SAF Educational Academy

The SAF Educational Academy space serves at a monthly meeting point for the entire team. This is where the technicians and management team share the experiences, challenges, and successes of the previous month. The teams often share stories of the Extreme Customer Service® they provided and what they received as customers themselves. Through this process of sharing and discussing the goals for the months to come, the team maintains the cohesion and camaraderie only found in a family atmosphere like the one we have at SAF Technologies.


The other, larger, role of the SAF Educational Academy is providing  knowledge. We have the resources in the Academy to provide real hands on training for new employees and employees learning new technology. We have active Access Control Systems located in the Academy where technicians learn not only the way to wire and connect the devices we use, but where they get exposure to and learn the value of installing these systems to the highest possible standards. The team uses these tools to demonstrate innovative ways to continue pushing for the best possible way to do things. The SAF Educational Academy isn’t limited to learning about hardware and security devices, it is also a platform for manufacturer software training, training provided by the SAF Technology team, and safety training. We also provide a host of manufacturer training to our customers. One great opportunity the Academy provides is the ability to host technical and educational seminars not only to our customers, but to those directly invested in understanding things like “How to Choose an Integrator” and which types of systems are best for a company’s environment.