Commercial Doors & Hardware

Commercial Doors & Hardware serves 3 main purposes within a building or facility. One, often overlooked but critical purpose, is a fire barrier. Understanding the code and the appropriate product for the life safety needs is the first step in providing a quality product. Once that’s complete, our expertise really has a chance to be demonstrated in the other 2 purposes. Visitor and personnel traffic management, and securing a space or building. Securing a building requires more than a door frame, door, and lock. Our products and solutions are the result of understanding each customer’s needs. Things to consider are: the environment the openings are located in, the strength and durability required, ADA accessibility, as well as anti-ligature devices for special occupancy scenarios. Traffic management encompasses the entirety of the way people interact with your facility. From keeping people out of a given space, to providing an opening that is compliant with all accessibility codes, to ensure that everyone that needs to can safely and comfortably navigate your property. Understanding the code and the customer’s needs are equally as important as the level of quality that goes into every installation.